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Mock Interviews

Mock job interviews are the key to interview success.  Job-interview.net's free mock interviews are based on actual job interviews and include: 

  • The Job Description

  • Interview Questions

  • Follow-up Job Interview Questions - Exclusive feature for a better interview

  • Answer Tips

  • Interview Resources  

Review the job description and note the interview questions that are asked.  Compare the job description with the job that you are seeking for possible interview questions that you may be asked.  


You have the experience and skills.  Make the perfect presentation with our easy to follow answer guides.  Answer questions naturally without sounding rehearsed and be confident for your interview.

  • Complete Interview Guide
    Matt & Nan DeLuca
    and the job-interview.net interview experts will prepare you for your interview with the:  

    1. Answers to tough job interview questions including follow-up questions.

    2. Thank you letters and interview follow-up.

    3. Three (3) practice interviews with our exclusive strategy

    4. Last minute interview?  Use our 24 hour plan.

    5. Questions to ask the interviewers.

  • Complete Interview Guide with Supervision Interview Guide
    The Complete Interview Guide and the Supervision Interview Guide plus save when you buy the two guides together! 

  • HR Professional Interview Guide
    Job interview resources for the Human Resources/Personnel professional includes HR Interview Question Bank and answers to tough interview questions.

  • Supervision Interview Guide
    Supervision interview question bank and answers to the toughest supervision interview questions.

Share your job interview experience - we'll pay you $75 or more 


Mock Interviews



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