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Legislative Aide

Review the job description for Legislative Aide. A number of the underlined keywords have links to interview questions for that keyword or job function.

Description:  Support activities in the office of a State Legislator including taking constituent phone calls; registering their opinions/concerns, provide constituents with information; scheduling for the Legislator; conducting policy research; attending legislative committee meetings; briefing and advising the Legislator on policy issues; researching and preparing press releases; creating and managing databases; meeting with constituents, school groups, lobbyists and others.

You have the legislative aide experience and skills.  Now put it all together and get the edge in the job interview with the Complete Interview Guide Answer questions naturally without sounding rehearsed and build confidence for the interview.

  • Learn how to practice right for the interview.

  • Good or bad?  I wish, I think, I feel.

  • How can hand gestures improve your interview performance?

  • Why are mock interviews important?  Why isn't one mock interview enough?

  • Why you shouldn't use limiting words such as "only" or "just"?


  • Answers to the toughest interview situations - follow-up letters, illegal questions, salary, job history questions and more!

  • How to answer and how not to answer

  • Questions to ask the interviewers

  • What should you do the day of the interview?

  • Identify possible interview questions

Review these critical interview tips before your interview:

Search for current trends and subject areas for your Legislative Aide interview:

Practice Legislative Aide Interview

  1. Tell us about yourself?
    Tips on your interview opening.

  2. Tell me about your weaknesses and how you deal with them.

  3. This job is very fast paced and requires dealing with many constituents, lobbyists, and information contacts.  

Follow-up:  How many calls and contacts do you think the office handles on an average day?  How many contacts could you handle in a single day?

  1. Explain your ability and experience keeping a busy schedule.

  2. Explain your experience and ability to keep organized records.

  3. How would a supervisor and peers establish effective communication with you?

  4. What is your passion in life as it relates to work or school?

  5. Why are you interested in working for our district?

  6. What motivates you?

  7. What are your qualities to work independently and give us an example of your ability to work independently?

  8. On a continuum of left to right with ultra liberal at the left end of the line at zero and ultra conservative at the rights end of the line at 10, where do you find yourself?

Follow-up:  Are there any political issues that make you uncomfortable?  Why?

  1. What do you think about (enter any valid current issue in the state or for the office)

  2. What is your required salary range?

  3. Is there anything that you want to add or hoped we would ask or that you would like to emphasize?
    Tips on your interview closing.


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