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Strengths and Weaknesses

Get the job you interview for -- without ‘interview jitters’, embarrassment, or being stumped by trick interview questions.  Matt & Nan DeLuca and the job-interview.net experts will prepare you for your interview with the Complete Interview Guide.

  • Answers to more than 50 of the Toughest Interview Situations to more than 50 of the Toughest Interview Situations - follow-up calls & letters, illegal questions
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  • Questions to ask the interviewers
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  • Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions



  1. Why should we hire you?
  2. What are your three greatest strengths?
  3. What can you contribute to our organization?
  4. Assume that you are a candidate in the coming general election.  Tell me why you are the best candidate in the field.
  5. What is your greatest strength?
  6. We've interviewed a number of highly qualified students for this position.  What sets you apart from the others?
  7. What are your strengths?
  8. What part of your current job are you the most comfortable with?
  9. What are your strong points and how have they helped you to succeed?


  1. What is your greatest weakness?
  2. Name your three greatest weaknesses.
  3. Which is the worst of your three greatest weaknesses and why?
  4. What are your weaknesses?
  5. What part of your current job are you the least comfortable with?
  6. What are your weak points and how have you overcome them?
  7. What about yourself would you want to improve
  8. In which area do you need to make the improvement in?

For more interview questions and answer tips, order the Complete Interview Guide.


A detailed answer and analysis of a tough interview question from Matt & Nan DeLuca, authors of the best selling "Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions" and "More Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions"

What are some of the things you find difficult to do?

The interviewer is looking to determine how well you know yourself, how you react to difficult situations/tasks and credibility.  Look back over your work experience for examples of challenges...speaking in public at a meeting, disagreeing with a manager over an important issue, being asked to use a software program you have not had an opportunity to learn...

These 'stories' should illustrate a lesson learned, a problem overcome or a weakness being dealt with. 

"I always seem to need a day or two to prepare myself to give a presentation to department heads.  When I know I have to give a report on my projects, I plan out all the details in advance and rehearse.  One time, there was a problem with a supplier and I was asked to update senior management...immediately.   The supply chain was crucial to the completion of an important project we had been working on for 5 months and decisions had to be made based on the information I had to prepare and present on a moment's notice.  I gathered the information and presented it simply and in detail.  It was much easier than I thought without the hours of concern and practice.  The facts spoke for themselves.  Since I understood the situation, I was able to make it clear to management and get a rapid decision.  I still prefer advance notice but I know I can deliver when asked to."


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