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Human Resources Professional

Review the job description for a Human Resources Professional.  The underlined keywords link to interview questions for that keyword or job function.

Description:  This position focuses on staffing and employee relations. Duties include coordinating the hiring process, organizing and conducting New Employee Orientation, providing HR advice to managers, explaining and interpreting HR policies and procedures, responding to employees' questions and concerns.  Other major areas of responsibility include: policy development and administration; legal compliance; recruitment and employment; compensation; benefits administration; payroll and HR information systems; performance consulting; training and development; employee relations; workplace safety; and employee services. 

The successful candidate must possess the following: Minimum of Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management or a relevant field; five years professional human resources generalist experience with a demonstrated ability to interact effectively with all levels of an organization; excellent communication, public speaking and writing skills; superior judgment, analytical, problem-solving and negotiation skills. Enjoys a challenge and committed to building a high-performance organization. 

Also see the mock interview for HR Management Trainee.

Review these critical interview tips before your interview:

The HR Professional Interview Guide answers the toughest interview questions from the HR professional's interview, 3 mock interviews and in addition over 200 possible interview questions organized by 30 different HR subject areas including:

  • Americans With Disabilities Act

  • Compensation, wage and salary administration and incentives

  • Employee retention

  • Human resource policies, procedures and administration

  • Recruitment

Search for current trends and subject areas for your Human Resources Professional interview:

Practice Human Resources Professional Interview

  1. Tell us about your qualifications for the Human Resources Professional position.
    Tips on your interview opening.

  2. What are you seeking from this job?

  3. What was the most difficult presentation that you've had to make?  How did you overcome the difficulty?

  4. Give us an example of an instance when you had to coach someone.

  5. What was the most difficult or challenging recruitment effort that you coordinated?  

Follow-up:  How successful were you?

  1. How would you advise a supervisor to counsel an employee on poor performance?

  2. Tell us about a situation in which you were required to work under the American with Disabilities Act.

  3. What are some of the forms of sexual harassment?
    Visual, verbal, physical, hostile work environment.

  4. How would you conduct a sexual harassment investigation?

  5. What would you do if you were given an new assignment to work with executive management, but not given any direction?

  6. Tell us about the different recruitment tools that you've used and what success you've had.

  7. How much do you think we should pay you?
    How does your experience and qualifications match up to the job?  Do you know how much other companies are paying?  Check Salary.com for complete salary information.  Get the salary that you're worth.

  8. Is there anything we've missed?
    Tips on your interview closing.

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