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Administrative Analyst

Review the job description for an Administrative Analyst. A number of the underlined keywords have links to interview questions for that keyword or job function.

Description:  Position functions as a journeyman level administrative generalists analyzing and making recommendations for the solution of a variety of operational and/or engineering problems having significant consequences in terms of cost and efficiency. Positions in this class are further distinguished by their responsibility for analyzing and making recommendations for the solution of budgetary, contractual, procedural, and general management problems, and for the analysis of various program needs. May supervise lower level personnel.

You have the experience and skills for an Administrative Analyst.  Make a perfect presentation with the Complete Interview Guide Answer questions naturally without sounding rehearsed and be confident for your interview.

  • Learn how to practice right for the interview.

  • Good or bad?  I wish, I think, I feel.

  • How can hand gestures improve your interview performance?

  • Why are mock interviews important?  Why isn't one mock interview enough?

  • Why you shouldn't use limiting words such as "only" or "just"?


  • Answers to the toughest interview situations - follow-up letters, illegal questions, salary, job history questions and more!

  • How to answer and how not to answer

  • Questions to ask the interviewers

  • What should you do the day of the interview?

  • Identify possible interview questions

Review these critical interview tips before your interview:

Search for current trends and subject areas for your Administrative Analyst interview:

  • zero base budgeting

Practice Administrative Analyst Interview

  1. How has your work experience qualified you for this job?
    Focus on the aspects of your experience that apply to this position.  Tips on your interview opening.

  2. What aspect of supervision do you find most challenging?
    Identify what you find most challenging and then describe how you handle the challenge with an example if possible.

  3. Tell us about an assignment where you used your analytical skills to provide recommendations to management.
    Use an assignment that might apply to the job you're interviewing for.   Emphasize where you identified business issues, priorities, solicited input (as necessary), identified options, and how you came to the recommendations.  What was the impact of your recommendations?

  4. Give us an example of your ability to work independently.
    Provide a relevant example.  The more complex the assignment, the better.

  5. What will you do when an exemplary employee starts to come in late on a frequent basis?

  6. Tell us about your experience working with budgets and budget control.

  7. What steps will you take to insure that your staff works together as a team?

Follow-up:  Give us an example of how you've developed a successful team.

  1. You've been asked to identify possible budget reductions totaling 10% of the budget.  How will you go about identifying these reductions?
    Working with those who will be affected, establish priorities for reductions.   Don't cut anything that is legally mandated with civil or criminal penalties.

  2. You've been asked to streamline the process by which engineering drawings are produced and distributed.  What will you do?
    Your ability to work with people in any job is important.  As administrative staff, don't forget to emphasize how you'll get participation from the engineers, drafting techs, and field forces.

  3. Do you have anything to add?
    Summarize by emphasize your qualifications as they apply to this job.   Also cover anything you missed from your opening.  Don't forget any education or formal training.  Tips on your interview closing.


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