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Review the job description for the Buyer position.  The underlined keywords link to interview questions for that keyword or job function.

Description:  A Buyer locates and purchases various materials and parts; receives written requisitions or oral requests; operate a computer; input purchase orders from requisitions and order materials; locate suitable vendors and obtain pricing from vendors or catalogs; prepare bid or quote specifications; coordinate activities with warehouse personnel; contact vendors regarding problem orders; work with vendors and internal users to insure satisfactory procurement of materials.

You have the supply chain experience and skills.  Make a perfect presentation with the Complete Interview Guide Answer questions naturally without sounding rehearsed and be confident for your interview.

  • Learn how to practice right for the interview.

  • Good or bad?  I wish, I think, I feel.

  • How can hand gestures improve your interview performance?

  • Why are mock interviews important?  Why isn't one mock interview enough?

  • Why you shouldn't use limiting words such as "only" or "just"?


  • Answers to the toughest interview situations - follow-up letters, illegal questions, salary, job history questions and more!

  • How to answer and how not to answer

  • Questions to ask the interviewers

  • What should you do the day of the interview?

  • Identify possible interview questions

Review these critical interview tips before your interview:

Search for current trends and subject areas for your Buyer interview:

  • supply chain

  • strategic sourcing

Practice Buyer Interview

  1. How does your experience and training qualify you as a Buyer?
    Focus on the aspects of your experience that apply to this position.  Tips on your interview opening.

  2. What is the Uniform Commercial Code?

  3. What items of information are required on a requisition to insure a complete and accurate purchase?

  4. What experience have you had in developing specifications?

  5. An internal customer calls and is angry over a requisition.   The customer claims that you are providing poor service and threatens to call your supervisor.  What will you do?

  6. Name the essential elements of a contract.

  7. What steps will you take when a vendor continually fails to deliver materials as specified?

  8. What does "Net 30" or "Net 30 days" mean?

  9. Tell us about the most challenging situation you've encountered in the workplace.  How did you meet the challenge?

  10. How much do you want to be paid?
    How does your experience and qualifications match up to the job?  Do you know how much other companies are paying?  Check Salary.com for complete salary information.  Get the salary that you're worth.

  11. Is there anything else you'd like to say?
    Tips on your interview closing.

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