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Getting Started

Step 1
"The Job"

Step 2
"Potential Questions"
Step 3 

" Answers, Answers"
Step 4
"Inappropriate Questions"
Step 5
"Interview Day Preparation"
Step 6 

"Interview Game Plan"
Step 7 
"Interview Wrap"

Interview Success PlanSM

Step 7:  Interview Wrap

The Interview Wrap captures the important points of your interview.  This probably wasn't your first interview and it probably won't be your last interview. If you want to improve, learn from this interview and use what you learn on future interviews. Use our free Interview Checklist to complete the Interview Wrap.

  • Write down the questions.
  • Review your responses. What would you have worded or answered differently?  Why would you have answered differently?  And what would be a more appropriate answer?
  • Review your own behavior during the interview.  Did you fidget?  Use any "uh's" or "you know's"?  Did you smile?  Did you use hand gestures to emphasize important points?
  • Did you establish a rapport with the interviewers?  How did they act during the interview?
  • Did you carry out the "Interview Game Plan"?

To continue with the The Interview Success Plan, go to the Interview Question Bank  arrow.gif (862 bytes)



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