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Getting Started

Step 1
"The Job"

Step 2
"Potential Questions"
Step 3 
" Answers, Answers"
Step 4
"Inappropriate Questions"
Step 5
"Interview Day Preparation"
Step 6 
"Interview Game Plan"
Step 7 
"Interview Wrap"

Interview Success PlanSM

Step 5:  Interview Day Preparation

  • If you've followed the Interview Success Plan, you should be ready by the day before the interview.  For most people, we recommend completing your preparation the day before the interview.
  • Get your rest.
  • Don’t get distracted or excited by little things, don’t schedule meetings over controversial issues, or do anything that might break your concentration.
  • Taking into account the time of your interview and traffic, go early to find parking and make sure that you have money for parking meters.
  • Dress appropriately.  If you're applying for a job where you haven't worked before, visit the offices of facilities.  See what other employees in positions similar to the one that you're seeking are wearing.  Dress at least at that level or higher.  Don't visit on a Friday, you may find yourself dressing for casual Friday.
  • Be early.  If the interviewers are ahead of schedule, they'll appreciate the opportunity to get an early start.

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