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Getting Started

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"The Job"

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"Potential Questions"
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" Answers, Answers"
Step 4
"Inappropriate Questions"
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"Interview Day Preparation"
Step 6 
"Interview Game Plan"
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"Interview Wrap"


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Interview Success PlanSM

Step 6 - Interview Game Plan

Many books are available that discuss interview behavior.  Among the best and least expensive sources are the guidelines available through your organization's personnel office.  Why?  Because the guidelines are often the basis for formal training in the organization.

Here are our top tips

  1. Don’t smoke, chew gum, tobacco, or anything else.
  2. Make a positive and professional first impression by being assertive and giving a firm handshake to each interviewer and addressing each interviewer as they are introduced.

  3. Reinforce your professionalism and your ability to communicate effectively by speaking clearly and avoiding "uhs", "you knows", and slang.

  4. Use appropriate wording. You won’t receive extra points for every word that has more than 10 letters. Use technical terms only when appropriate to the question.

  5. Use positive words.  Instead of "if", "I think", "I feel" and "I wish" use "when", "I am" and "I would"

  6. Establish rapport by relating to each interviewer. Note the wording that is used by each interviewer and when appropriate use similar words. Maintain eye contact with each of the interviewers throughout the interview.

  7. Sit comfortably. Sit erectly, but don’t sit stiffly or sprawl over the chair.

  8. Project confidence and a positive attitude.  Maintain awareness of your voice, posture, energy level, and enthusiasm. Make hand gestures to emphasize important points, but avoid distracting gestures or making too many hand gestures.

  9. Smile confidently, but not to the point where you would appear to be too casual.  Smiling will also help you relax and establish a rapport with the interviewers.

  10. Emphasize your strengths and qualifications that make a compelling reason that you are the ideal person for the job.

  11. Don’t dominate the interview.  Time does not equal quality.

  12. Manage weaknesses or barriers so that they appear to be indications of your strengths.

  13. Be attentive. Listen to each question carefully and don’t interrupt.  If you aren't sure of what is being asked, politely request that the question be repeated.

  14. Close the interview with a strong closing statement of your qualifications for the job.

  15. Thank the interviewers.  Shake their hands individually and thank each interviewer by name.

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