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Assistant City Manager Job Interview

Description:  The responsibilities of the Assistant City Manager include supervision of the City Manager's office staff; direction of administrative and internal operational services of the City; budget development; City Council staff support; agenda development; administrative policy development; community information and ombudsman services; heading City-wide task forces; and legislative analysis.  The Assistant also serves as the City Manager in the City Manager's absence.

The successful candidate will possess the communication and interpersonal skills needed to work effectively with elected officials, City staff, and members of the community; and will have strong verbal, written and analytical skills.   Prior experience in, and knowledge of, municipal administrative support functions and/or program operations.

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Practice Interview

  1. Tell us about yourself?
  2. Given your knowledge on the issues facing our City, what aspects of your experience will help us address these issues?
  3. City tax revenues are increasing.  As the City reviews selected expenditure increases, what criteria would you recommend in determining funding increases?
  4. What steps would you take to educate and involve citizens on the development of the City budget?
  5. The City is holding its annual diversity fair and parade.  The Chief of Police has notified you that a racist organization intends to demonstrate at the fair and parade.  What will you do?
  6. What aspects of our City would you emphasize in promoting economic development?
  7. One of your employees comes to you and states that one of the other employees has been sexually harassing another employee with verbal comments and gestures.  What steps will you take?
  8. Your responsibilities will include direction of administrative functions.  Tell us about your experience in managing administrative functions including finance, accounting and facilities management.
  9. Is there anything else we should know about your qualifications?

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