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Children's Librarian Job Interview

Review the description. A number of the underlined keywords have links to interview questions for that keyword or job function.


A Children's Librarian provides reference and reading guidance to children and other library visitors; assists in development and maintenance of the children's collection; writes book reviews; establishes and maintains working relationships with schools; develops and implements programs; may also assist in other library collections as needed.

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Practice Interview

  1. How does your education and experience qualify you for the position of Children's Librarian?
    Focus on the aspects of your education and experience that apply to this position especially your experience working with children.
  2. Why did you choose a career as a Librarian?
  3. Tell us about your training in working with children.
    Address academic and job training.
  4. What steps would you take in developing a summer reading program for elementary school children?
  5. What programs or activities have you developed to encourage children to read?
  6. As the Children's Librarian, how would you go about strengthening our library's relationship with local schools?
  7. How would you handle a disruptive child during a story session?
  8. An irate parent comes to your desk complaining that her child's jacket was stolen while the child visited the library with her class. What will you do?
  9. What training or education have you undertaken to increase your contribution as a Children's Librarian?
  10. Do you have anything to add?
    Summarize by emphasize your qualifications as they apply to this job.   Also cover anything you missed from your opening.

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