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Customer Service

"Customer Service" is one of the interview key words that frequently appear in job ads or job descriptions.  Listed below are a few of the possible interview questions you may be asked in the interview regarding "customer service".  Review each interview question below to prepare yourself for the interview.

Review these critical interview tips before your interview:


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Job Interview Questions

Notice how small changes in the interview questions will change your answer.  Possible follow-up questions are noted with a bullet.  Use our mock interviews based on actual job listings and interviews for more interview practice:  

  1. What are the steps involved in successfully handling an irate customer?
    Your steps should include listening to the customer, letting the customer vent, identifying the problem, trying to solve the problem, and following-up with the customer.

  2. What does good customer service involve?

  3. Tell us about how you have handled a dissatisfied customer in the past.

  4. Tell us about your experience in dealing with the public.
    The more public or customer contact the better.  Include a situation where you provided exemplary service.

  5. A citizen becomes irate because his permit application cannot be found. How will you handle the citizen?

  6. A salesperson comes in to talk to your boss without an appointment. How will you handle the salesperson?

  7. What do you think your customers would say about your work?

  8. Give us an example of a situation you handled exemplifying superior customer service.

  9. Tell us about a situation in which you dealt with a customer and what you would have done differently.

  10. How would you handle a customer who used abusive language?

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What does "customer service" mean to you?

Think of yourself as a customer -- what do you expect from salespeople ... regardless of the circumstances and/or the problem.  An example may be "Customer service is a two-piece reaction.  First---respect; second -- problem solving."   See if that makes sense and if you sound convincing when you do practice it.   If you can give a brief story or two of what you have witnessed as extraordinary examples of customer service behavior.  By using yourself as a focal point you will be able to enunciate clearly your understanding of customer service.

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