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Listed below are possible interview questions you may be asked in the interview for a position in education for either a position as a teacher or principal.  

Review these critical interview tips before your interview:

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Job Interview Questions


  1. If your students score low in reading, what strategies will you use to raise their scores?

  2. How could you use team teaching to provide your students with a better education?

  3. What are the pros and cons of team teaching?

  4. How do you keep up with innovations in education?

  5. What is your teaching philosophy?

  6. What steps will you take to increase parent involvement?

  7. In what ways can you use technology in your teaching?

  8. What role should technology play in the classroom and in the curriculum?

  9. What is your philosophy on discipline?

  10. What steps do you take to maintain communications with parents?

  11. Tell us about the most difficult student that you've taught.   What did you learn from that experience?

  12. One of the children in your classroom is misbehaving.  How will you address the situation?

  13. How do you integrate the curriculum?

  14. Following the issuance of report cards, a parent comes to your classroom angry about the grades you gave their child.  How will you handle the parent?

  15. What do you do to maintain communications with other teachers?

  16. Tell us about the most difficult parent that you've dealt with.

  17. How do you keep the principal informed?

  18. What skills do you bring to our school and community?


  1. What is the single most important quality a principal should have, and why?

  2. How will you introduce yourself to the students and continue to build a relationship with them throughout the year?

  3. Describe your approach for student behavior management.

  4. As a principal what would you do to support the teachers?

  5. How will you promote new curriculum and instruction initiatives at the school?

  6. Why are interested in being a principal in our school district?

  7. What is your vision for parent participation in the school and what steps will you take to achieve this vision?

  8. What do you know about our school district?

  9. How can you contribute to the development of the children in our school?


A detailed answer and analysis of a tough interview question from Matt & Nan DeLuca, authors of the best selling "Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions"

I want to apply for a middle school counselor's job. What kind of questions will I be asked?

In this area (being parents) we have some small amount of expertise.  You can be expected to answer subject matter questions (training, classes taken) as well as behavioral ones (what if...) as well as the more traditional "What was the hardest, easiest, most important _____ (fill in the blank)".

The easiest way to prepare is to list the most important skills/qualities needed for the position (in priority order) and then to cite examples of your having the requirement (with short anecdote to illustrate).  This is by way of qualifying yourself for the position and answering the question "Why should we hire you?" 


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