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What is a women's dress code for interviewing?

Basically, with all the differences in dress codes at different organizations, it would be impossible to come up with 'the outfit' for all employers.  One rule of thumb would be to dress as if you worked there already---but slightly better.   In this case, guys have it easier; a suit works everywhere (dress it up with a tie, dress it down by taking the tie off and opening a collar).

For us, the issues are more problematic.  Go for the more business-like attire.  Avoid flashy colors, bold prints or clanking jewelry; don't look fussy. Unless you are interviewing at Ralph Lauren, leave the logo-attire at home for another occasion. 

Pick something that you are comfortable in; no tugging or re-adjusting when you sit.  Try it out by sitting in different types of chairs, for example.  Carry an efficient folder or case for your resume and/or work samples; perhaps a small purse for the necessities?  Low heels (not those killer spikes).   Low-cut and tight shirts are for after-hours. (We have seen all types come in for interviews.)

Be neatly presented in any case.  Check for seam rips, runs in stockings and missing buttons.  Look great and your confidence will shine thru.  Pick your outfit ahead of time then forget about it---think about selling your skills, not your wardrobe. 

Good luck.  And don't forget to smile!  That is the best fashion accessory---looking like you are happy to be there and proud to talk about the value YOU can bring to their company.

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