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Interpersonal Skills

Get the job you interview for -- without ‘interview jitters’, embarrassment, or being stumped by trick interview questions.  Matt & Nan DeLuca and the job-interview.net experts will prepare you for your interview with the Complete Interview Guide.

  • Answers to more than 50 of the Toughest Interview Situations - follow-up calls & letters, illegal questions
  • Control your nerves and give natural, unrehearsed answers
  • Questions to ask the interviewers
  • Review hundreds of skills and abilities questions and answer tips
  • Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions


  1. What do you think your supervisor would say about your work?
  2. What do you think your coworker would say about your work?
  3. What would your boss say about you - both positive and negative?
  4. What would your subordinates say about - both positive and negative?
  5. What would your co-workers say about you - both positive and negative?
  6. What three keywords would your peers use to describe you?
  7. What one thing would your boss say that he or she has the greatest problem with you?
  8. Describe a situation in which your work was criticized?
    Describe the situation and how you responded to the criticism.
  9. How would your subordinates describe you?
  10. Tell us about the last time you lost your temper?
  11. What situations make you lose your temper?
  12. Tell us about the worst supervisor you’ve worked under.
  13. Tell us about the best supervisor you’ve worked under.
  14. Tell us about a confrontation that you've had with a coworker.
  15. How would your best friend describe you?
  16. How would your worst enemy describe you?

For more interview questions and answer tips, order the Complete Interview Guide.


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